Are we crazy?

Yes we must be crazy for allowing all this craziness in healthcare, economics, taxation, insurance, elections etc.

We are happily spending $9,500 per year per every person (including babies and small children) on illness in the USA. That is an astounding $3 TRILLION per year that goes to the (314 million people times $9500 per year). "Illness Industry" is what I call the incorrectly named "Healthcare Industry". They are not interested in health, they are only interested in illness, that is where the money is. There is no money in health.  The Illness Industry has partnered with the Federal Government through the FDA and other government bodies to poorly inform and mislead the population away from learning that the only ones that are able to prevent and cure illness and restore health are people themselves by doing the right type of exercise that will give them a good dose of increased blood flow every day for at least a few minutes. If people create a good dose of increased blood flow for a few minutes per day, they will prevent most illness and they can also help cure most illness. The majority of illness in the USA would disappear and the total illness care cost would go from $9,500 per person per year to likely under $3000 and then lower from there later on. That of course would be an economic disaster for the Illness Industry. The Illness Industry currently (2011) employs 17% of the working population in America and it is projected to employ 20% of the workforce by 2018. That is totally crazy.

We are only spending $200 per person per year on preventing illness. Teaching the total population to prevent and cure illness with a daily increase of blood circulation would reduce employment in the illness industry from the current 17% of the work force to maybe only 6% of the work force. That then would increase unemployment by 11% and we cannot afford such a dramatic increase in unemploiment. So let us just keep spending $3 TRILLION on illness instead of spending just a fraction of that on health and losing all those illness related jobs, right? Of course that is the stupid and crazy thing we are doing. The alternative would be to create massive employment in wellness professionals where every employer would have one wellness counselor on staff for every 25 employees whose job performance would be rated on how low the incidence of illness is kept for the 25 people under the care of the wellness professional.


Below are some typical charges by the Illness Industry for some of the (often ineffective)  services they deliver.

Hospital Name:   ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL CENTER      
OSHPD Facility No:106391042    
Effective Date of Charges: June 1, 2011    
In response to requests from hospitals and the public, OSHPD has developed this form to assist hospitals in collecting and submitting the average charge for 25 common outpatient procedures performed by hospitals, as required by AB 1045 (Chapter 532, Statutes of 2005).  Use of the OSHPD form is voluntary, but highly encouraged, as it allows hospitals to report and the public to compare uniform information regarding common outpatient procedures.
Evaluation & Management Services (CPT Codes 99201-99499) 2011 CPT Code Average Charge
Emergency Room Visit, Level 2 (low to moderate severity) 99282 $669.00
Emergency Room Visit, Level 3 (moderate severity) 99283 $1,038.00
Emergency Room Visit, Level 4 (high severity) 99284 $2,076.00
Outpatient Visit, established patient, 15 minutes 99213 $266.00
Laboratory & Pathology Services (CPT Codes 80047-89398) 2011 CPT Code Average Charge
Basic Metabolic Panel 80048 $2,159.00
Blood Gas Analysis, including 02 saturation 82805 $186.00
Complete Blood Count, automated 85027 $312.00
Complete Blood Count, with differential WBC, automated 85025 $373.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 80053 $797.00
Creatine Kinase (CK), (CPK), Total 82550 $467.00
Lipid Panel 80061 $539.00
Partial Thromboplastin Time 85730 $386.00
Prothrombin Time 85610 $306.00
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 84443 $795.00
Troponin, Quantitative 84484 $589.00
Urinalysis, without microscopy 81002 or 81003 $107.00
Urinalysis, with microscopy 81000 or 81001 $306.00
Radiology Services  (CPT Codes 70010-79999) 2011 CPT Code Average Charge
CT Scan, Abdomen, with contrast 74160 $1,431.00
CT Scan, Head or Brain, without contrast 70450 $795.00
CT Scan, Pelvis, with contrast 72193 $1,227.00
Mammography, Screening, Bilateral 77057 $257.00
MRI, Head or Brain, without contrast, followed by contrast 70553 $2,883.00
Ultrasound, Abdomen, Complete 76700 $6,783.00
Ultrasound, OB, 14 weeks or more, transabdominal 76805 $5,206.00
X-Ray, Lower Back, four views 72110 $255.00
X-Ray, Chest, two views 71020 $122.00
Medicine Services  (CPT Codes 90281-99607) 2011 CPT Code Average Charge
Cardiac Catheterization, Left Heart, percutaneous  93452 $15,068.00
Echocardiography, complete 93307 $2,012.00
Electrocardiogram, routine, with interpretation and report 93000  
Inhalation Treatment, pressurized or nonpressurized 94640 $282.00
Physical Therapy, Evaluation 97001 $1,002.00
Physical Therapy, Gait Training 97116  
Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise 97110  
Surgery Services  (CPT Codes 10021-69990) 2011 CPT Code Average Charge
Arthroscopy, Knee, with meniscectomy (medial or lateral) 29881  
Arthroscopy, Shoulder, with partial acromioplasty 29826  
Carpal Tunnel Surgery 64721 $9,347.00
Cataract Removal with Insertion of Intraocular Lens, 1 Stage 66984 $16,286.00
Colonoscopy, diagnostic 45378 $10,517.00
Colonoscopy, with biopsy 45380 $10,051.00
Colonoscopy, with lesion removal, by snare technique 45385 $10,961.00
Discission, secondary membranous cataract, laser surgery 66821  
Endoscopy, Upper GI, with biopsy 43239 $12,883.00
Endoscopy, Upper GI, diagnostic 43235 $8,816.00
Excision, Breast Lesion 19120 $14,377.00
Hernia Repair, Inguinal, 5 years and older 49505 $21,304.00
Injection, Diagnostic or Therapeutic substance, epidural,lumbar 62311 $2,772.00
Injection, Anesthetic or Steroid, transforaminal epidural, lumbar 64483 $3,852.00
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 47562 $10,211.00
Tympanostomy (insert ventilating  tube, general anesthesia) 69436  
Tonsillectomy with Adenoidectomy, less than 12 years old 42820 $15,473.00